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Last week I went for a short break in Portugal with my best friend. We spent three days sipping cocktails, topping up our vitamin D levels (OK, yes, sunbathing), and eating yummy foods. It was, to all intents and purposes, a real break.

I’m a big believer in working hard. Good things come to those who do. Either at home, at work, in the dojo, or when exercising. If you work hard at it, somewhere along the line, you’ll get your results.

However, I’m also a big believer that holidays are for rest and relaxation. They’re there to reward yourself for all of that hard work that you’ve done throughout the rest of the year. And why shouldn’t you enjoy that? Why should you make yourself feel guilty for letting go of responsibility for a few days a year?

I know that sometimes it can take a few days to get into the swing of resting. Especially if you’re used to a bit of ‘go go go!’ so here are a few tips on how to relax as soon as your plane takes off.

Switch off your phone. OK not always ideal, especially if you’ve left some responsibilities at home, but set one (or two times maximum) to check messages and emails per day, and keep it locked in the hotel room safe for the rest of the time.

Don’t over do your schedule. Visiting a new country for the first time? Of course you’ll want to see as much as you can. Just be careful not to overdo it. Do some research before the holiday to decide on your ‘must-sees’ and have a few ‘maybes’ for if you feel up to it. Cramming everything into one week can just be exhausting, and not to mention stressful if you don’t around to seeing everything you’d set yourself up for.

See the ‘must-sees’ in the first few days to gradually ease into your holiday. Getting on the plane following a busy week at work, straight into sitting by the pool doing nada isn’t always the best way to fully relax.

It might take a day or two to unwind without feeling your mood take a little nosedive.
Consider coming home from holiday on a Saturday, or taking a day off between your return and going back to work. The last few days of your trip may otherwise be spent under a dark cloud of dread.

Book a massage or yoga c fake ysl handtaschen online lass for the day you arrive. This will help to release any post travelling muscle tension, and get you in the mood to relax.
Take a mental break from any worries that you have at home or at work. By creating some space between yourself and the stressors back home, you might even come up with better, more level headed solutions when back.
Eat well. By all means treat yourself to an ice cream (after all, life is for living), but suddenly relaxing all of your rules and eating every unhealthy option that comes your way (especially if you’ve been on one of those crazy ‘bikini body diet’ for the last two months) isn’t going to make you feel great. For the most part eating healthily abroad shouldn’t be too hard, and a big fresh salad tends to be more appealing in the heat than a burger and chips anyway.

Choose your travel companions wisely. If you want a relaxing break then maybe re think going with the m replica uhren rolex ate who’s a notorious party animal. Maybe even consider going it alone?

Of course, relaxing doesn’t have to involve plonking yourself on a lounger and sitting there for the whole holiday (that might start to feel pretty unhealthy quite quickly), but ever heard of the term ‘active recovery’?

Essentially being active in your rest. This is especially important for those of you who train hard year round, without much of a break. Take time to focus on your breathing, on your posture, and being present in the moment – rather than thinking about something else. So while you may not be out pounding the streets on your normal twice weekly run; have a stroll around the town that you’re staying in, take a dip in the pool and swim a few lengths, or hire a bike and cycle to the next town along.

It’s also important to recognise your holiday itself as your rest and relaxation, enjoy it for what it is, and psyche yourself up to work hard again as soon as you get home. Don’t let lazy holiday habits creep into everyday life or you’ll find yourself two weeks down the line, with serious holiday blues, still struggling to get back into your usual, productive routine.

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This blog appeared on her website in July 2015


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