Are you Sweet Enough??

The answer is almost definitely YES!

In the past few years the fat vs sugar debate has been building and creating a flurry of media attention with many top dieticians, nutritionist and Doctors joining the discussions. It seems that sugar is creating numerous health issues including obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. But with all the discussion of what to eat it can make healthy eating a little difficult.

I like to keep nutrition simple, with 3 basic rules. EAT FRESH, EAT FIBRE, AVOID SUGAR!

EAT FRESH – One easy tip is to check the ingredients, firstly there shouldn’t be many, 1 Designer Handtaschen zu verkaufen -2 ingredients is best! Also check to see if you know what the ingredients are, if you don’t know what some of them are then you probably shouldn’t be eating it.

EAT FIBRE – Increasing the amount of fibre through consumption of foods such as nuts, seeds, beans, pulses and vegetables can help the body deal with sugar more effectively.  With this in mind beware of your fruit smoothies and juices, when juiced a lot of the fruits fibre is destroyed but all of the sugar remains. Fibre also keeps your digestive system running smoothly.

AVOID SUAGR – Positive correlations have been found between sugar consumption and the rise in obesity. Sugar is hidden away in practically all of our processed foods, especially condiments (ketchup and sauces) cereals, breads, pre-packaged meals and even pre-cooked chickens have hidden, added sugar. By avoiding packaged foods with lots of ingredients you avoid the risk of consuming hidden sugar.

By implementing these 3 simple rules you should start to see a reduction in your waistline, an increase in energy and a happy healthier you!

All you have to remember is the big 3…





This weeks blog is from Lana Jane

Lana is Female Personal Trainer covering New Malden, Tooting,Mitcham, Wandsworth,Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Morden and the surrounding areas. Postcodes Lana covers includes KT3, SW17, SW18,SW19,SW20.

Lana can train you Outdoors, at your home, at your work place or in a studio.




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