Exercising safely in Pregnancy 9th June 2015

There’s some fantastic news at Fresh Start this week – the lovely Kelly is expecting her second baby! Kelly is feeling good and, now in her second trimester, is keeping active with gentle, regular workouts to help keep her strong and well, and to prepare for birth.  And far from being a barrier to work, Kelly will be drawing on her experience to help our pregnant clients to feel as good as they can in the lead up to their own deliveries.


Nowadays lots of women know how important it is to exercise during pregnancy, but how should you approach it? Now is not the time to start kickboxing, but aside from the obvious (!), here are Kelly’s tips on staying active:

  • Go in with the right perspective. Exercise during pregnancy sh replica uhren rolex ould be about keeping you fit and strong for your own wellbeing, for birth, and for baby. It isn’t about fitness ‘gains’ and it obviously isn’t about weight loss! Think of it as about gently boosting strength and endurance, and you’re on the right page.
  • If you’re used to exercise, it’s normally safe to carry on with what you’re doing while you feel able to, but moderate what you expect from your body. Drop back a gear and aim for mid-range intensity (e.g. a 5 -6 effort level you can talk at, rather than a heart pumping 8 – 9). So lower the pace of your run, and lower your free weights a few kilos.
  • Focus on the ‘functional’. Whether you work with a fitness professional with pre/post natal qualifications (ideal) or not, focus on exercises which push, pull, squat, lunge and rotate. Why? Well, that’s what you’ll mostly be doing come 9 months time as you push the pram, lift from the cot, nappy change, load and unload car seats, and so on. Work on those muscles now and you’ll be grateful later!
  • Start training your core and pelvic floor NOW. While ‘kegel’ exercises have fake ysl handtaschen online long been recommended (think stopping a wee), thinking is moving on and we’re fans of Burrell Education’s ‘purposeful breathing’; working your pelvic floor AND core simultaneously. Drop us an email/tweet to find out more.
  • Finally, listen to your body as it changes. Some exercises which were easy one week may become uncomfortable the next. If that happens, stop and ask the trainer for an alternative, slow down the pace or stop.


We devise fitness plans for each stage of pregnancy, AND Kelly will experience it with you! Find out more at www.freshstartfitness.co.uk, @FreshStartSian / www.facebook.com/FreshStartPT

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