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Justina Triasovaite

Passion is key
Every day I use my passion and energy to improve my clients’ health , looks and lifestyle. This is very important to me, I go to any lengths to ensure every word mentioned above becomes a reality.

Always improving
Yes; if I’m not working then I’m reading everything I can get my hands on that I find interesting to do with improving my fitness knowledge and training skills.

A step ahead
You can’t beat lunges, squats, bench presses or deadlifts as they are the fundaments of strength and good looks; but this doesn’t meant that training and fitness should only be about these 4 movements. A good variety of exercises and different workouts are the key to finding out what the ideal training for you should be, which will help you achieve your dreams and also be compatible with your lifestyle.

I do 4 new courses every year
Every year I attend at least 4 courses to improve my knowledge and get new ideas on how to improve my clients’ wellbeing.

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Bayley Freer

I believe personal training is just that - 'personal'. Working closely with someone to develop your physical wellbeing takes an immense amount of trust, which is why finding a trainer who has empathy and sensitivity to your needs is incredibly important. I recognise this and strive to build strong rapport with my clients, encouraging an environment in which you can be open, whilst depending upon my complete discretion.

My journey into the fitness industry started not following a long career of competitive sport, but from waking up one day deciding I needed to take control of my life, find something new to focus on away from the banality of my day job, and hopefully gain a new found vigour - plus get rid of the ol' 'poochy bits' along the way. I'd tried working out on my own, bit of jogging here and there, but I never quite got the results I wanted. So I decided to take things a bit more seriously, sought some advice and began a more systematic resistance based programme. And something happened; I got hooked. From day one I felt energised, alert, able to wake up in the morning and look forward to my day. Learning that I could make real changes to my body through hard work, sweat and consistency taught me a huge lesson. I can make things HAPPEN. I learnt that if we make a plan, follow that plan through, we CAN get results. That feeling was massively liberating. Exercise offers us empowerment, a feeling that can translate across all areas of our lives. No longer was exercise just a means to an end, it was a lifestyle. It was about sustained health, longevity and being the best that I could 'personally' be, in both body and mind.

So that's what I'm about. Utilising my own real life experience to work with women who want to be healthy, strong and confident.

If you're ready to give me a bit of enthusiasm and determination, I promise to be in your corner all the way, giving you the support and patience you need to reach your goals. Let's roll up our sleeves, roll out that exercise mat and get stuck in.

I can't wait to meet you.
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Lisa Thompson

I am fully qualified to the highest REPS Level 4 Personal Trainer and have 10 years experience of teaching. I am also a fully-qualified Sports Nutritionist and hold specialist qualifications for dealing with Lower Back Pain and clients with GP Referred conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart rehabilitation, depression, arthritis and obesity.

My studio is totally private and you will be the only one training with me during your time slot. You will have access to a full range of equipment including treadmill, cross trainer, rower, bike and skierg. I specialise in weight / resistance training and have a full selection of dumbbells, bars and plates, medicine balls and swiss balls.

I am also a qualified Boxercise instructor and have a boxing bag and pads.

My clients are of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities and everyone is made to feel very comfortable and looked after from their first step into my studio.

I also train people in pairs to help with cost as I appreciate Personal Training is expensive for a lot of people.

You are welcome to come and meet me / have a look around by prior appointment if you wish.

I hope to work with you soon and get you the results you strive for in a fun and enjoyable manner.
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Jennifer Mbazira

Jennifer Mbazira is a fitness, weight loss and lifestyle professional and with over 25 years of training experience. With a back ground in body building, Jazz and Contemporary dance, Bikram yoga, long distance running and cycling. A master in her field, Jennifer's signature workouts have helped to transform the health, physique and fitness of numerous clients over the years, including CEO's, celebrities, athletes, models, mothers, senior citizens, helping all to get into optimum shape. Jennifer has also been a major influence on numerous other fitness professionals over the years.

Her personal training service, caters for both men, women and young adults, on either; one to one, small groups of 2 - 4 people and families. The service has also recently expanded to online training.

Jennifer's signature training is bespoke, unique, the workouts are enjoyable but intense and can be challenging however they're individually tailored to get you from your current level of fitness and out of your comfort zone to your ultimate fitness and beyond and within a specified time. Jennifer is especially good at:

• improving flexibility and mobility through through her 4D dynamic method
• building core strength
• building long lean and sexy muscle
• fitness
• strength and conditioning
•sports nutrition
•weight loss specialist.

Moreover she'll also teach you her different techniques that she's mastered over the years and so how to train by yourself independently in the long run.

As well as being results oriented, her training will help you to feel empowered in many areas of your personal and professional life. Whatever your goals are, we will work together and step by step with my bespoke training, sound nutrition advice, full motivational support and your own will power, we'll achieve incredible results

Results I achieved for clients include:

Weight loss
Weight gain
Strength and conditioning
Flexibility and balance
Toning and sculpting
Injury rehabilitation
Core strength
Postural correction
Lower back strength
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Li-FT personal black

LiLi Hodson

'Be the best version of you' Is my perception to health and fitness. Whatever you have or are can be made better and I'm here to facilitate that change. Being an ex-pro dancer/choreographer and exercise to music instructor, I understand the need to constantly challenge the body in creative, fun, motivational yet challenging & intense sessions that will bring about the changes you desire.

A current personal trainer at David Lloyd In Fulham Broadway I have been here since April 2015 and gained a client base of over 15 people, based on the fact that I genuinely care and every session is a step closer to what they want to achieve. I do not settle for failure, however know that to make changes it requires one thing at a time,with this said- I encourage small manageable changes which then create habits and form apart of your lifestyle.

I am a loud individual that infuses positivity into all of my clients-even the quiet ones. Not only is what I do on a physical aspect but also mentally and confidence too. I have become a friend, support system and trainer to all my clients assisting them with there personal lives and nutrition too-which is all part and parcel of what being a trainer is.
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I have over a decade of experience in training clients, a wealth of specialist qualifications, and as a mum of a boisterous little boy myself, I’m more than qualified to help the women in my area to feel fit and fantastic – or as I like to say – to be vivacious, animated and full of life!

In particular, I’ve always had a passion for pre and postnatal exercise, but after giving birth to my son in April 2013, I have made it my focus to gain as much knowledge as possible in every aspect of fertility and exercise. I also have a nutrition qualification and am fully qualified to provide pregnancy and deep tissue massage.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 08.51.04


Many of us want to lose that stubborn weight, look our best for an occasion or simply feel fit, toned and confident – but need a kick start off the sofa and away from all those ‘buts’.

Perhaps you’re a busy mum, chained to your desk all day – or both! – but with the right programme, timings and support, Fresh Start can help you to feel fit, strong, toned, and most importantly, fantastic.

After a decade in corporate PR I decided it was time for a new direction and a focus on the outdoor life, rather than the office life. A former self-confessed exercise-phobe, I have spent recent years transforming from someone who huffed and puffed on the odd jog around Clapham/Tooting Common, to qualifying as a Personal Trainer, and set up Fresh Start – a dedicated service for women – in 2012.

Why? A decision to complete a charity half marathon, and a personal trainer of my own gave me the bug for exercise, and how it made me feel mentally and physically. Finding a new career which allowed me to mix my business skills with helping other women to go through the transition I did saw me complete the Personal Trainer diploma. So, as a 30-something with a hectic work, social and home life to juggle myself, I understand – and help my clients overcome – the challenges in finding time for exercise. I also understand the appeal of ‘everything else bar exercise’ too! I aim to help clients to find a balance, as I did, where being fit sits happily alongside the other priorities in their lives

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