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Bayley1729-about-me-520x520 I believe personal training is just that - 'personal'. Working closely with someone to develop your physical wellbeing takes an immense amount of trust, which is why finding a trainer who has empathy and sensitivity to your needs is incredibly important. I recognise this and strive to build strong rapport with my clients, encouraging an environment in which you can be open, whilst depending upon my complete discretion.

My journey into the fitness industry started not following a long career of competitive sport, but from waking up one day deciding I needed to take control of my life, find something new to focus on away from the banality of my day job, and hopefully gain a new found vigour - plus get rid of the ol' 'poochy bits' along the way. I'd tried working out on my own, bit of jogging here and there, but I never quite got the results I wanted. So I decided to take things a bit more seriously, sought some advice and began a more systematic resistance based programme. And something happened; I got hooked. From day one I felt energised, alert, able to wake up in the morning and look forward to my day. Learning that I could make real changes to my body through hard work, sweat and consistency taught me a huge lesson. I can make things HAPPEN. I learnt that if we make a plan, follow that plan through, we CAN get results. That feeling was massively liberating. Exercise offers us empowerment, a feeling that can translate across all areas of our lives. No longer was exercise just a means to an end, it was a lifestyle. It was about sustained health, longevity and being the best that I could 'personally' be, in both body and mind.

So that's what I'm about. Utilising my own real life experience to work with women who want to be healthy, strong and confident.

If you're ready to give me a bit of enthusiasm and determination, I promise to be in your corner all the way, giving you the support and patience you need to reach your goals. Let's roll up our sleeves, roll out that exercise mat and get stuck in.

I can't wait to meet you.

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Mobile: 07903881553