Justina Triasovaite

About Me

justina_personal_trainer_london Passion is key
Every day I use my passion and energy to improve my clients’ health , looks and lifestyle. This is very important to me, I go to any lengths to ensure every word mentioned above becomes a reality.

Always improving
Yes; if I’m not working then I’m reading everything I can get my hands on that I find interesting to do with improving my fitness knowledge and training skills.

A step ahead
You can’t beat lunges, squats, bench presses or deadlifts as they are the fundaments of strength and good looks; but this doesn’t meant that training and fitness should only be about these 4 movements. A good variety of exercises and different workouts are the key to finding out what the ideal training for you should be, which will help you achieve your dreams and also be compatible with your lifestyle.

I do 4 new courses every year
Every year I attend at least 4 courses to improve my knowledge and get new ideas on how to improve my clients’ wellbeing.

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Contact Details

Mobile: 07449 169906
Email: justinatraining@gmail.com
Website: http://justinatraining.com/top-female-personal-trainer-london-based/